Metro Business

Resources development subsidiary mainly operates the resources of underground commerce, advertisement and media, civil communication, cultural development and other sectors, with average resource income per kilometer ranking top in the national networked operating metros. The company operates underground commercial space of nearly 50000 square meters, and creates the "Liancheng New World" and other domestic typical metro commerce cases; station and hall commerce on metro network covers station bank, chained convenience stores, self-help equipment and other services for the convenience of customers, providing passengers with complete, fast and quality commercial and financial services; advertisement and media cover in-station advertisement, electronic media, handle advertisement, orientation logos, etc., providing passengers with rich and beautiful commercial information and public information; the company actively explores metro WIFI, 4G and other new public communication and mobile inter-link businesses, providing the citizens with quality and stable wireless service; the company runs the metro newspaper "Shenzhen Urban Newspaper - Metro 8:00 AM", explores a series of metro cultural derivative products, such as metro souvenir ticket, plans and implements a series of metro cultural activities, to promote the impact of metro commercial brands; creates metro smart commercial circle, vitalizes the traditional commercial resources, and explores new profit growth points.

  • Ground property
    Metro superstructure property, as a resource with extreme appreciation potential integrated with convenient traffic, business, commerce and brand, receives much public concern on its future development. Among others, the property of Shenzhen North Station located in the large-scale comprehensive transport hub, is the pioneer in the hub commerce and business development and operation of Shenzhen.
  • Commercial Street
    At present, the underground commercial streets and property areas in operation include Huigou commercial street (Liancheng New World phase I), Convention and Exhibition Center (Liancheng New World phase III), Ganghui commercial street (Liancheng New World phase II), Civic Center station, Luohu station, Grand Theater station, the Window of the World station, etc., with a total area of about 47000m2.
  • Station Hall Business
    The station hall business of 4950m2 on the lines 1, 2, 3 and 5 provides passengers with chained convenience stores, newsstand, self-help service equipment, ATM and other complete, fast and quality commercial and financial services, with extreme humanism and individuality.
  • News magazines
    The metro newspaper - Shenzhen Urban Newspaper•Metro 8:00 AM, was initially issued in June 2011, with circulation of 300,000 copies, released for free at metro stations in workday mornings. The metro magazine - Proficient Metro Commuter, was initially issued in July 2012, with circulation of 150,000 copies, released for free at metro stations every Friday morning.
  • Station Advertising
    Shenzhen metro station advertising mainly includes the station advertising on lines 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11, and print ads in trains, with media forms covering station lamphouse, wall adhesive advertising, post adhesive advertising, stair billboard, shield door adhesive advertising, billboard in trains, and other adhesive advertisements, forming an all-round vertical launching platform of metro station advertising.
  • Handle advertising
    Train handle advertising is integrated with handle function and creative media release, providing customers with extensive creation space.
  • Outdoor Advertising
    The creative media and new release form provide customers with a vertical launching platform of advertisements.
  • Electronic Media
    The electronic media business of Shenzhen metro includes the investment invitation and operation information displayed on PDP, LCD, LED and other electronic screens in trains, and on the stations of lines 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 that have been put in service. The electronic screens are mainly distributed in station hall, platform, above station stair or escalator, and trains.
  • The civil communication business of Shenzhen metro covers the tunnels, stations, commercial area and metro property areas along the line 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. Main business:
    1. Station public phone
    2. Provision of wire phone and data business, etc. to the commercial organizations in metro
    3. Mobile communication information covering
    4. Provision of wire phone and data business to the residence, office building, commercial building and hotel, etc. owned by the metro
    At present, metro passengers can use 2G, 3G and 4G mobile communication provided by three leading mobile operators of China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom in the stations and trains along the existing lines, as well as the IC public phones in station halls.
  • Souvenir Tickets
    By quick capturing of market hotspots and careful planning and design, we successively released unique and creative metro souvenir tickets with various themes, such as World Cup, 10th Anniversary of Shenzhen Metro, 70th Anniversary of Anti-Japanese War Victory, Chinese Birth Year of Monkey, and Shenzhen beautiful scenes, etc., and promotes the souvenir tickets by O2O marketing technique of "WeChat + Sites", received enthusiastic market response, popularity and praise from broad passengers, which further expanded the market impact of metro cultural products.
  • WeChat Public Platform
    Shenzhen Metro Resources Development subsidiary subscribes a dedicated WeChat official account "Shenzhen Metro Collection" (WeChat offcial account: szmczy), and periodically releases rich contents of various metro knowledge, activities, as well as preferential activities provided by metro merchants to the broad citizens, passengers and merchants, including "Collectors", "WeChat Official Website", "Fan Benefits" and other columns.
  • Metro Newspapers and Magazines
    Shenzhen Urban Newspaper•Metro 8:00 AM, through free release, occupied the most dynamic group of metro passengers in the city, and deeply infused into the urban life and influenced urban consumption behaviors.