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Operating schedule (working days)
Direction First train Last train
Qianhaiwan 06:17 23:55
Huangbeiling 06:40 23:11
Operating schedule (days off)
Direction First train Last train
Qianhaiwan 06:30 23:55
Huangbeiling 06:41 23:11
Operating schedule (holidays)
Direction First train Last train
Qianhaiwan 06:30 00:55
Huangbeiling 06:41 00:11
Exit A:
South Side of Chuangye 2nd Road、Haizhen Road、Xin'an 2nd Road 、Honglang North Road、Bao'an District Human Resources Bureau
Exit B:
South Side of Chuangye 2nd Road、Dabao Road、Haizhen Road、 Xin'an Local Taxation Office,Local Taxation Bureau of Ban'an District of Shenzhen、Shenzhen Bao’an Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau of the People’s Republic of China、Customs House、Dalang Community Health Service Center、Fenghuayuan、Baoya Garden、Donglian Industrial Area、First Industrial Town of China Bao'an Group
Exit C:
North Side of Xin'an 3rd Road、Shanghe Neighborhood Committee、Dalang Neighborhood Committee、Xingfeng Primary School
Exit D:
North Side of Chuangye 2nd Road、Guanhua Yucai School、Toppan Printing Co., (Shenzhen) Ltd.
Bus transfer information
Exit A:
Honglang Metro Station - 382, 610, 613, 651, 654, 866, K651, M206, M245, M246, M313, M343 , M377, M378, M381
Exit B:
Xin'an Tax Office) - B829, M379, M382, M385, M393, 866, K651, M206, M313, M343, M376, M377, M378, B829
Exit C:
Dalang Neighborhood Committee - M379, M381, M382, 605, 630, B630, B803, M246, M259, M376
Exit D:
Honglang Metro Station - 651, 654, 866, K651, M245, M246, M313, M343, M377, M378, M381, M393