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Operating schedule (working days)
Direction First train Last train
Yitian 06:31 23:09
Shuanglong 06:32 00:02
Operating schedule (days off)
Direction First train Last train
Yitian 06:39 23:09
Shuanglong 06:28 00:00
Operating schedule (holidays)
Direction First train Last train
Yitian 06:39 00:09
Shuanglong 06:35 01:01
A Exit:
Longgang Blvd (South), Ruyi South road, Ailian community, Ailian Overline Bridge, The second Market Of Ailian, Ailian Police Station, Ailian Post Office, Ailian Stock Building
B Exit:
Longgang Blvd (South), Pupai Road, Xintun Viliage, Niuziwei Viliage
C Exit:
Longgang Blvd (North), Ailian Primary school, Chenguang Road, Poly Uptown, Emerald Pearl Garden, Tianliao Viliage, Ailian Sub-District Office
D Exit:
Longgang Blvd (North), The General Merchandise Of Changsheng, LongchengHuaFu, Retird Officials Centre, Ailian Overline Bridge, Jianxin community, Xiangqian community, Ailian Ruyi community
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