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Operating schedule (working days)
Direction First train Last train
Yitian 06:29 23:33
Shuanglong 06:31 23:36
Operating schedule (days off)
Direction First train Last train
Yitian 06:32 23:33
Shuanglong 06:34 23:36
Operating schedule (holidays)
Direction First train Last train
Yitian 06:34 00:33
Shuanglong 06:46 00:37
B1 Exit:
Longgang Blvd(East), Longgang Blvd, Mumian Road, Mumian Village,Kaisa Plaza
B2 Exit:
Busha Road(East), China Customs(Buji), Caixing Building, Dafen Oil painting Village
C Exit:
Longgang Blvd(West), Zhengqing Road, Guangchang Road, Busha Road(West), Buji Sub-district Office, The BujiCenter Garden, Haojing Ming Court, Dashiji Garden
D Exit:
Longgang Blvd(West), Jizheng Road, Zhongxing Road, Shenzhen Buji Prosecutors'Office, Integrity Terrace, Buji Rainbow Department Store
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