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Operating schedule (working days)
Direction First train Last train
Yitian 06:31 23:53
Shuanglong 06:32 23:16
Hongshuwan South 06:39 23:09
Wenjin 06:32 23:37
Operating schedule (days off)
Direction First train Last train
Yitian 06:35 23:53
Shuanglong 06:30 23:16
Hongshuwan South 06:39 23:09
Wenjin 06:28 23:37
Operating schedule (holidays)
Direction First train Last train
Yitian 06:34 00:54
Shuanglong 06:33 00:17
Hongshuwan South 06:39 00:09
Wenjin 06:28 00:37
A Exit:
Hongli Road (W.), Lizhi Park, ShenZhen Youth Activity Center, Shenzhen Literature And Art Hall, Yinsheng Building, Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Youth Square, Shenzhen municipal committee of the communist & Youth league of china
B Exit:
Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist & Youth League of China, Shenzhen Children's Library
C Exit:
Hongling Middle Road, Talent market
D Exit:
Hongli Road (N.), Yuanling primary school 2nd Division, Yuanling Xincun, Hongling Middle School
E Exit:
Shenzhen Children's Library, Yuanling 3rd Street, Hongli Post Office
F Exit:
Hongling Middle Road(W.), Yinli Building, Children's Paradise, Lizhi Park
G Exit:
Hongling Middle Road(E.), Hongbao Road, Meiliyuan, Guosen Securities Building, Shenzhen International Trust Building, Lijing Building, Weideng Villa, Caiwuwei Jinlong Building, Shenzhen ZS Medical Aesthetic Hospital
H Exit:
Environmental Science Research Institute Of Shenzhen, Honggui Road(S.), Residence Community of Hongling Group South District, Yangguang Zhuangyuan
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