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Operating schedule (working days)
Direction First train Last train
Luohu 06:48 23:18
Airport East 06:31 23:47
Operating schedule (days off)
Direction First train Last train
Luohu 06:49 23:19
Airport East 06:36 23:47
Operating schedule (holidays)
Direction First train Last train
Luohu 06:49 00:19
Airport East 06:36 00:47
Exit A:
North Side of Xinhu Road、East Side of Xin'an 1st Road、Bao'an Shiyan School、Kaixuan Town、Xincheng Border Checkpoint
Exit B:
West Side of Xin'an 1st Road、North Side of Xinhu Road、Zhongshang Garden、Zhongnan Garden、Xinjin'an Yayuan
Exit C:
North Side of Xinhu Road、Jia'an Road、Nobiary Domain、Xi'an Tea Town
Exit D:
South Side of Xinhu Road、Jia'an Road、Royal Bay PhaseⅠ
Exit E:
South Side of Xinhu Road、Xin’an 1st Road、Central Blood Center of Bao'an District、Royal Bay Phase Ⅱ
Bus transfer information
Exit B:
Kaixuan City - B630/M235/M350
Exit B:
Xin'an Metro Station - B630/M235/M350
Exit D:
Xin'an Metro Station - B630/M235/M352
Exit A:
Kaixuan City - M349